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this page is a list of news about projects and anouncements in and around bold vfx's work. This page is updated regularly, however not all projects will be mentioned and some projects/events will be covered in more detail on separate pages.

Erky Perky Frame ->

Bitburger Soccer Worldcup Commercial

Full VFX and Post-production of 45 second HD 720p commercial, including on-site 35mm shoot supervision, blue-screen, crowd replication, matte painting, 3D tracking, 3D element and FX creation, final compositing and grading with on-line/remote delivery.


Sunbeam Corporation - Mar-Apr '06

Consulting and development of rapid design visualisation workflow and tools using Maya and MentalRay for internal design and marketing purposes. Design of standard environments, materials and setups to allow for 3 hour turnaround from CAD model to finished A4 render.

Nova 96.9 - Fighting Ears - Mar'06

on-site shading and lighting development and production work for The Lab Sydney on this unique photoreal commercial.

Erky Perky - Jan '05-Mar '06

Bold VFX was commissioned to design and implement a flexible production pipeline and custom VFX tools for The OmniLab group in Sydney to support their efforts in creating among others the TV series "Erky Perky". Erky Perky is a childrens series, based on an Ambience Entertainment concept, delivered in 24 x 11 minute episodes in full HD 1080 25p format. The pipeline included rendering tools, asset management tools, proprietry production scripts directly and exclusively used for the series, automated rendering, scene setup and lighting setup and more. Overall the tools are integrated with other innovative tools developed by Ben DeLuca and have saved up to 50% in operator time over the duration of the project. See our products page for more information.

All this older stuff and projects will be added with time. This looks like it will be a LOOOONG page though.

bold VFX consults and creates custom pipeline tools for HD TV series Erky Perky...

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