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over the last 10 years in high-end VFX production many scripts, tools and plugins were written that we are now making public.

This page will be populated over the coming weeks and months with as many scripts, utilties and plug-ins we can dig up out of our archives adn of course program anew.


Mel scripts:

  1. incrementalFileSave (iSave) - quickly save new minor versions of files without using saveAs every time. Makes for good non-destructive working - documentation - download
  2. tt_splitGeoFromMultiShaderAssignments - scripts to find and select any polygonal geometry in your scene that has multiple shaders assigned on a per face basis. Developed to create a fast and convenient workaround forthe RenderLayer limitation with wuch objects (it can totally screw up your entire scene if per-face shader assignments are present, and its a known limitation in Maya)- documentation (coming soon) - download
  3. ttColorCurves - realtime color correction and manipulation using intuitive RGB color curves like in compositing or Photoshop - documentation - download
  4. worldSpaceUVLine - UV line layout tool for use with UV Unfold tool for unrivalled distortion-free UV layout control. Reduced character UV layout by 80% on feature film Happily Never After, BFC. Yeah the superfluous operators were not happy until they were reassigned to animation :) - documentation (coming soon) - download
  5. hardware Texture preview resolutions up to 4k - AE template hack - documentation (coming soon) - download
  6. tt_cvt2STK - convert a polyModel from Maya to Satellite Tool Kit ".mdl" format with correct UV's and texturing information* (previously only partially possible out of lightwave) - contact us

Production Pipeline Software:

The pipeline tools and software "PubScripts™" was developed during a consulting and implementation project with The Lab Sydney for several Broadcast SD & HD series, including the new kids series Erky Perky.

The software is entirely written in MEL for Maya, and changes the way maya handles projects. It allows for entire feature film and episodal productions to be easily managed in one maya project. Custom interfaces and project control tools eliminate naming and verioning problems associated with normal manual file management. Freelance operators can hit the ground running without long pipeline training times, and without potentially screwing up any naming dependent tools your facility might have. On average the "PubScripts™" saved between 25-35% in operator time normally wasted in versioning, assets tracking and accessing.

In conjuction with Ben DeLuca's PubTools™ cross-platform asset management database solution it provides for the ideal solution for large CGI project management. The PubTools™ allow for nowlies (latest edit viewing according to latest published assets in near realtime), platform and software independent ditributed rendering, project management and more. Both solutions combined can create savings of up to 50% in operator and management time on a project compared to conventional production environments, where no specific asset management solutions are used. The software solution is now in use in several facilities, including The Lab Sydney, Photon VFX and Post Modern. Other features are:

  • cross platform asset management
  • customisable workflow
  • automatic versioning control
  • separated asset/shot and published materials workflow
  • naming convention control
  • verion roll-back facility
  • unlimited render distribution software
  • Linux, Windows and MacOSX compatible
  • pipeline automation extensibility
  • efficient render submission including unlimited renderLayer support
  • secure publishing workflow
  • automatic backup list creation and tracking
  • database centered asset management
  • project definition, management and control tools

For more information, pricing and how PubTools and PubScripts can benefit your production please contact us.

coming soon:

  • Curve Field - uses a nurbs curve as a volume axis field for particles, already used in several productions.

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