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MEL-Script: tt_colorCurves

realtime color correction and manipulation using intuitive RGB color curves like in compositing or Photoshop.

download script.

simple instructions: select ShadingNode with outColor Attribute to color correct using the curves

limitations: currently the script only works on shading nodes with outColor attributes,
but the concept of using Set Drive Keys works anyway, so you can color correct
and connect anything else. I used this as a good example in my Maya Trainer training

extended instructions:

select any shading-node you want to color correct with RGB curves that has a outColor and is connected to another node. In this example a simple file node connected to the color attribute of a lambert shader. (see figure 1)

fig 01
figure 01

To insert the color curves, select the file1 node (as shown it has an outColor attribute, figure 1) and execute ttColorCurve (create a shelf button if you want, icon is included), then the hypershade will show this:

fig 02

so now there is a new ramp that is now connected to the lambert2.color chanel instead of the file1 node. There are no visible connections at first between the file1 and the ramp1 node. To see them redraw the shading network:

fig 03

Now you see the connections and color curves. To correct the colors in the image, select the ramp node, open the graph editor and press "f" to focus on the new colorCurves:

fig 04

now you can change and correct your colors to your hearts or compositors content, overcranck, extend ranges, colorKey and do anything else one can do with colorCurves in a compositing program. For an example see below:

fig 05

hmm, not sure about the color choice, but hey clients do tend to have weird requests at times.

Oh and the nice thing is you get instant feedback to your color corrections using the color curves.

Next steps for me are to create an import/export section that allows sharing of colro curves between scenes and also a LUT import at some stage.

Please let us know how you like the script, rate it on highend3D (always welcome) and feedback any suggestions, errors or extension ideas you might have - contact us









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