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MEL-Script: incrementalFileSave (iSave)

quickly save new minor versions (fileName_v01_01.ma) of scene files without using saveAs every time. Makes for good non-destructive working practice.


download and save the mel script into your scripts directory. Then source the script and execute the command "boldIncrementSave". This will save an incremented version of your sceneFile in the same directory as your currently open scene file. For convenience you can create a hotkey or a shelf button to easily execute and non-destructively save your work.

The fileName needs to be in the format: <fileName_v01_01.m[ab]>

The script increments the minor version (i.e. the number without the "v") for major version increases (i.e. major changes in scene or client presentation increments) use File>saveAs.

If you have any problems with the script, don't hesitate to contact us.









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