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Over the last 10 years bold vfx has provided services to over 30 clients world-wide.

We offer a wide range of production, technical direction, training and consulting services to the CGI industry.

The main focus is on 3D and VFX services and productions. With our Aerospace Engineering and high-level investment and risk Management background, we apply these services succesfully to many other industries.

What sets us apart is our professional approach to creative problems and our commitment superior communication and delivery. Using the latest communication methods and internet based delivery we can service your production anywhere in the world. Our clients privacy, security and confidentiality is of utmost importance to us, and such we do anything to satisfy their requirements.

Production Services

We focus on providing cost efficient and effective CGI & production services for the pre-production, production and post-production phases. We offer these services both as remote and on-site services, depending on your needs. Our main work tools include Maya™, MentalRay™, RenderMan™, highend desktop compositing solutions, motion tracking, paint packages and anything else that makes our world go round faster. The services for the separate phases include:


  • independent quotes & production/shot breakdowns
  • independent VFX consulting and planning
  • VFX pre-production and production supervision
  • pre-viz, VFX shoot planning and VFX shoot Supervision
  • crew, facility and pipeline planning and development
  • character & environment design

Production & Post-Production:

  • on-site shoot and VFX supervision
  • Full service 3D, VFX and 2D production on and off-site (remote)
  • CGI asset creation including design, modelling, UV's, texturing, shading, rigging, animation, FX, particles, dynamics, rendering and compositing. Where we offer any of these also individually
  • Character design & creation
  • set extensions
  • motion tracking
  • virtual worlds and buildings
  • virtual environments
  • solution creation and problem solving on shots & productions
  • VFX research and solution design
  • technical direction for all phases and types of 3D, 2D and VFX production
  • pipeline design, implementation, augmentation and software
  • production tools design and programming/implementation
  • shader writing and design for RenderMan™ and MentalRay™
  • Mel, C++, .sl & Python scripts & plug-ins design & implementation

Consulting Services

Many of our clients take advantage of our discrete and confidential consulting services. These include any of the above listed production services in addition to:

  • training needs assessment and training design (VFX Mentor)
  • training in VFX and CGI methods (VFX Mentor)
  • custom CGI pipeline, workflow and tool design & solutions
  • data translator design and implementation
  • efficiency & improvement
  • growth and technology paths
  • VFX and Pipeline consulting, design, budgeting, engineering and support services

We are more than happy to discuss your needs and requirements of any kind in relation to CGI and 3D data/production. Please contact us for more information.


Photon VFX, Goldcoast Australia
Weta Digital, Wellington New Zealand
The Lab / OmniLab Group, Sydney Australia
Digital Pictures Illoura, Melbourne Australia
Rising Sun Pictures, Sydney Australia
Sony Pictures international
Berlin Film Company (BFC), Berlin Germany
Ambience Entertainment, Sydney Australia
Gabriel, Film Production

Broadcast & Media:
XYZ Networks, Foxtel Australia
Fin Design & Effects, Sydney Australia
Ilun digital film productions, Germany
The Lab Sydney / OmniLab Group, Australia
XYZ Studios, Melbourne Australia
Fuel International, Sydney Australia
Leapfrog, Sydney Australia
Emerald City Design, Sydney Australia
Engine, Sydney Australia
Ambience Entertainment, Sydney Australia (now OmniLab)
RGB Pictures, Sydney Australia
Electric Art, Australia
BMG Ariola, Germany
Sony Music, Germany
Warner Music Special Marketing, Germany
Drummond Design/ Hyve Studios, Australia

Design & Engineering:
Sunbeam Corporation, Australia
General Motors Holden, Australia
Toyota VVTA, Australia
Ball Consulting, Australia
Procom Consulting, Australia

Naegele, Hoffmann, Tiedeman & Partner, Germany
Hanseatic Trade Center GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Frankfurter Gewerbebau GmbH, Germany
P&O properties international, UK
Bucknall GmbH, Germany

Sydney University Australia

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bold VFX consults and creates custom pipeline tools for HD TV series Erky Perky...

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